4. The Positioning of Exegetica

Ministry Focus

Many of the convictions that led the editors of the ZECNT to prepare the kind of commentary that they did are the ones that moved us to launch the Exegética web ministry years ago. We wanted to resource Spanish pastors in the challenging ministry of preparing sermons efficiently, faithfully, and on target.

For that matter, our mission statement is to “Support the efficient preparation of dynamic sermons that are maximally faithful to the Scriptures.” Thus, we see the translation, distribution and support of the Spanish ZECNT as a natural extension of our ministry.

To date, we’ve focused the bulk of our efforts on the development of clear and efficient processes for sermon preparation, along with video training in the use of Logos Bible Software* for expositionally-oriented sermon writing. We’ve also developed a fairly extensive set of introductions and outlines for every book of the Bible.

And we’ve seen the Lord bless this effort with a satisfying ministry reach throughout the Spanish-speaking world. This gives us confident expectation that we have established the kind of audience and platform from which the ZECNT in Spanish can achieve meaningful use throughout the world.

Translation Experience

Over the better part of the last two decades our small team has translated over a dozen books. Most have been related to church health (chiefly with Natural Church Development), others to theology and exegesis (Millard Erickson, Christian Theology – 1300 pages, Donald Carson, Exegetical Fallacies, roughly 200 pages). We work with a Spaniard, Beatriz Fernández, who provides an excellent initial translation which we then check against the original. This edited version is then proofed again by Beatriz, later again by us, and finally is reviewed by a number of Spanish readers. The result is a multiple-cycle process that consistently yields cut-above translations.

Personal Background

On a personal note, perhaps I (Jonathan Haley), as the chief mover behind these ministry projects, might say that I’ve spent most of my life involved in some portion or other of the Church in the Spanish-speaking world. I was born in Argentina and spent the bulk of my first 18 years in Argentina and Bolivia (as the son of WorldVenture – then CBFMS – missionary church-planters).

After graduating from Wheaton College (Bible and Communication), and completing an MDiv in Missions (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School & Denver Seminary), my wife, Kathy, and I moved to Spain, where we have served with WorldVenture since 1996. In our years here, we have been involved in local church ministry in three different parts of the country, started and led the Natural Church Development ministry for eight years, and helped launch an online Bible school (EET) for a Spanish denomination (FIEIDE) in which I currently teach Exegesis and Homiletics.


* Logos has been the only Bible software company to have any significant number of quality resources in Spanish.