1. Uniqueness of the ZECNT

It is the uniqueness of the ZECNT that inspires us to make it available in Spanish. That uniqueness boils down to our conviction that the ZECNT is strikingly helpful for sermon writing. Why is this so? Because the ZECNT is first-rate, conservative, biblical scholarship that is judiciously packaged to assist conscientious preachers who are short on […]

2. Why it Matters

Even if you already are familiar with the features of the ZECNT or, in the prior article, read through the descriptive content from the ZECNT itself, you still might be interested in our overview on what we find particularly valuable about the series for time-press expositors. In my experience, sermons most frequently fail in several predictable ways […]

3. Challenges of the Spanish Pulpit

At the risk of over-generalizing, many of us who have been involved in ministry in the Spanish-speaking world over the last decades have been struck by a number of challenges that routinely face our Spanish-language ministry colleagues. Below are some of the most salient, as they relate to the exposition of the Scriptures and the […]

4. The Positioning of Exegetica

Many of the convictions that led the editors of the ZECNT to prepare the kind of commentary that they did are the ones that moved us to launch the Exegética web ministry years ago. We wanted to help Spanish pastors prepare sermons efficiently, faithfully, and on target.  For that matter, our mission statement […]