1. An overview of the project

What is the Spanish ZECNT Project all about? Based on our conviction that the content and format of the Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament is uniquely helpful for the conscientious, time-pressed preacher, our purpose is to see a Spanish version of this series being used effectively in pulpits throughout the Spanish-speaking world in […]

2. Making & Delivering a Translation

Why translation? Why not encourage the writing of new books directly in Spanish by Spanish authors or write some ourselves? Yes. Why not! These are terrific ideas and, by all means, whenever feasible should be pursued. That said, much of the world’s top Evangelical scholarship is read and written in English. This is not to […]

3. Adding Value

There are several things we are planning to do that will add value to the translations. These additional initiatives will not alter the the commentaries themselves in any way. The commentaries will be translated and published as they are. Rather, these initiatives are designed to help the Spanish-language preacher get more out of the series […]

4. Our production timeline

We plan to publish 2 volumes a year over the next 10 years. This will not set any land-speed records but, on the other-hand, we doubt anyone will be preaching all the books of the New Testament simultaneaously, either. Furthermore, it will allow pastors to spread out the purchasing costs over the years, making it […]