2. Some help costs nothing!

Interested in seeing this project move forward, but can’t help financially? Not a problem. Maybe you could still help with a good word in the right places.

1. Help us Spread the Word!

Here are three simple suggestions.

  1. Tell a friend about it. Even if you can’t sponsor or provide scholarship funds, they might be able to. Send them an email or share it through the social networking icons found throughout the site.
  2. Know an Agency or Missionary that works in the Spanish-Speaking world? Let them know about the series so that they can tell their Spanish-speaking Pastor friends or denominations. You just might inspire a whole denomination to think about resourcing their pastors over the next 10 years. Wouldn’t that be a terrific outcome from a simple note?
  3. Maybe you know a pastor who might appreciate using the English series. We’re very fond of the Logos Bible Software edition of any resource – so much more useful for Bible Study than any ordinary digital format!

Three simple ideas. They could make a big difference.

2. Shop at your local Kroger group store.

Five per cent of your purchase can go directly to The Spanish ZECNT Project at WorldVenture. Click here to learn more.

Thank you!