1. Sponsorships lower the cost

In publishing, all production costs eventually get rolled into the price of the books. Decreasing some of these costs at the outset, therefore, is an excellent way to lower the final purchase price of the resource, even while keeping production value high.

Editorial Work: One enormous portion of our team’s editorial work is already being sponsored. This applies to all missionary time invested in the project as these personnel are supported by ongoing gifts from individuals and churches. This piece is a huge, value-added, quality-enhancing contribution particularly in the area of multiple read-throughs for quality control of layout, content, grammar and orthography. Few translations ever receive this level of care.

Rights Acquisition: Given the current financial crisis in Spain, publishing houses – and Evangelical publishing houses in particular – are under considerable financial duress. For that matter, this project might have begun several years earlier, had economic circumstances been more favorable. One of the usual initial expenses of any project of this nature involves rights acquisition. Lack of up-front funds for this has been a chief source of delay to this point. For this reason, contributions made directly to the project will defray these expenses first and foremost, enabling everything else to move forward and at a lower total overall cost to the final sale price of the books. (Some early gifts have already been pivotal.)

Translation: The lion’s share of our project cost, naturally relates to the actual translating. Eventually, our anticipated cash-flow will cover a portion of this, but until that time gifts will be well-used supporting the tireless efforts of our translator.

We are pleased to report, nearly a year into the project, that Ephesians is published and Mark is now well on its way to completion by the end of 2016. With this experience under our belts, we’ve also gained significantly in our translation and editorial workflow, so that we now anticipate that these portions of the project will cost some 30% less than our original estimates.

On the other hand, the experience of the last year has now also led us to believe we need to put the financial base of the project on a secure and sustainable footing for the next nine years. Thus:

For the remaining 18 volumes (9 years),
we project an ongoing monthly cost of $2,784.

These figures represent our total anticipated average production expense. They cover all aspects of the project, including rights, layout software, translation, editing, and printing. Fortunately, with the funds we believe we can expect from book sales and other sources (around $1,000 per month), our current monthly need is only $1,784.

If you would like to help defray some of these expenses, you can do so via the button below, which will send you to the WorldVenture page set up specifically for this project. All gifts are receipted and tax-deductible.*

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*Moreover, 100% of Special Project donations are applied to their purpose. No fees are assessed.