In a Nutshell

The ZECNT (Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament)
was carefully designed for the overworked, but conscientious, preacher.
Help us put this series empoweringly into the hands
of Spanish-speaking pastors all over the world.


Project Objectives

Our desires for this project go beyond translating some books.
That would be one objective. We have two.



After each commentary goes through a rigorous, multiple-edit translation process with our team, it will be distributed it in print with Andamio (a well-respected Evangelical publishing house in Spain) and digitally with Logos Bible Software.


Having a resource does not mean one is necessarily equipped to take advantage of all its features. Our Spanish web site, therefore, offers video training that will help every user know how to make optimal use of the series for their preaching.[/twocol_one_last]

Practical Sermon-Writing Features

What makes the ZECNT so different is that it was specifically crafted to accelerate sermon preparation.
Here are just a few of the ways it helps with this.


Exegetical Idea

Truly one of the most exciting and helpful innovations for preachers! For every passage, the commentator states in one or two sentences, the central thrust of the portion. This feature should have become mandatory in commentaries centuries ago.


Graphical Layout

Clearly lays out the discourse (or narrative) logic of the passage, labeling every clause or phrase. The preacher very quickly sees the biblical writer’s flow of thought. Excellent help for distinguishing between primary and secondary emphases in the original.

These are just three of the innovative features of the ZECNT. More here.


Exegetical Outline

This text-facing outline serves as reliable guide with which a pastor can thoughtfully interact as he develops his own congregation-facing, preaching outline. It also helps him make sure he doesn’t leave anything important out.


Project Details

Would you like more information on any aspect of this project?
Check out the articles that are listed for each category below. Most are short.

Help us make it available: Sponsorships

Our funding model does not include free lunches. We believe the majority of production costs should be covered by sales. That said, it may take a while to get sales to that point, and the more we can do to lower overall production costs, the more affordable we can make the commentaries, and the more likely they will sell. With Sponsorship, (one-time or ongoing) you can help. Click here to see how.

Some help costs nothing

Sometimes one gets the idea that the only help that matters passes through one's bank account! However, there really is a lot you can do for this project on behalf of the Spanish church, even without giving a thing. Truly. We wish to suggest three options, that take no money, almost no time, but would be an enormous help. Click here to find out what they are.

This commentary series offers the preacher or teacher one-stop shopping for the preparation of their messages. Main ideas, the structure of the text in Greek, an outline in Spanish, how each passage fits in its historical and literary contexts, and thoughtful suggestions for theological principles and contemporary application. And all this is above and beyond the expected verse-by-verse commentary. An extraordinary gift to the church and the world!

I highly recommend the ZECNT commentary series for its biblical faithfulness and ease of use in my preparations to teach the Bible. The ZECNT is my go-to commentary in my study of the Bible.

This series thus offers a valuable top-down and bottom-up analysis that guides the reader in not only appreciating the finer points of exegesis but also the “big-picture” of each NT text.

The editors of the series (Clint Arnold as General Editor) have an eye on the church and the way these letters speak today. This is much more than an “Exegetical Commentary” but a work that, to a degree, understands the necessity of hermeneutics.